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'Let the imagination reign!' Long term impacts of the 1968 student revolt

Musiksalen, Gamla studenthuset (Mannerheimvägen 3), tors 22.11.2018 kl. 13–18

HYYHY ry:s engelskspråkiga seminarium behandlar studentradikalismen.

The symposium will focus on the long-term impacts of the 1968 revolts in different fields of society, each time approaching them both from an international perspective and from a Finnish angle. The event will be in English.


13:00 Opening of the seminar
Professor Laura Kolbe, University of Helsinki

13:10 The '68 Years and the Wind from the West
Professor Kristin Ross, New York University
Comments by Adjunct Professor Jukka Kortti, University of Helsinki

14:00 The heritage of 1968 in higher education in Europe

Associate Professor Jens Jungblut, University of Oslo
Comments by Adjunct Professor Pieter Dhondt, University of Eastern Finland

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 New social movements after 1968 – symptoms of a post-materialist society?
Professor Holger Nehring, University of Stirling
Comments by PhD Sari Aalto, University of Helsinki

16:30 What next? The drive to the hard left in Finland
Professor Kimmo Rentola, University of Helsinki
Comments by doctoral student Liisa Lalu, University of Turku

17:30 Discussion

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